Should a Small Company Outsource its Social Media?

By Deirdre Cumberbatch,

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Shortly put, yes!


Ocean Terrace Inn_April 2015 (43 of 71)Running any sort of business takes hard work, serious dedication and long hours.  In order for businesses to be successful they need to develop and evolve so they can best cater to the ever-changing needs of their clients. Business owners that lag behind the latest social trends are missing out on excellent opportunities to share and promote their product/service with potential customers.

If you are a small business and want to revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers, there are benefits to outsourcing your social media:

  1. Building a social media following is much like building a business: it takes time and dedication

Social media has become an everyday part of our daily lives. It’s often the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to bed. Social media has forever changed how we communicate and will continue to do so as these new forms of media are created.

When it comes to posting on social media platforms, there is a lot more required than simply putting up a pretty picture and hoping for the best. Much like building a business, establishing a social media presence takes time, solid strategies and creativity. Social media experts, on the other hand, have the skills necessary to build a company’s social presence from the ground up, working closely with you to establish a strategy that will best influence your customer. By outsourcing your social media to experts, in addition to alleviating unwanted stress, you will reap the rewards that come from a successful social media presence.

  1. Outsourcing your social media will let you as a business owner focus your efforts on building and improving your business

No one knows your business better than you do. For many, sharing and explaining the inner workings of your own business is very personal and can be hard to turn to outside sources for help. The truth of the matter is this: unless you’re running a social media firm, your own capabilities as a business owner, most likely lie in other areas. Just as you’d hire a builder to build a house, you may benefit from appointing a professional to handle this challenging aspect of your marketing approach.

Every business regardless of size can afford a free profile on any social media platform. Social media has revolutionised how business is done in the 21st century, creating an even playing field for those who participate, ultimately making their business more personable and accessible.

While these advances are of benefit to the consumer, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to break through the clutter. Facebook is an excellent way to introduce your business and to inform your customers on the latest news/changes/sales/promotions that your company is offering. Twitter, on the other hand, offers the ideal tool for your customers to ask a question or offer a suggestion to which you can respond directly. Instagram is beneficial for any business that has a product or service that they want to show in action.

Whatever platform of social media you want to incorporate, a social media expert knows how to best use these tools. What social media experts do best is make your business stand out amongst the crowd. By outsourcing your social media, you will be able to focus your efforts on the many other facets of your business.

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